Music Ministry (Judah's Praise)

Vision:  Use the Choir and Praise Team to set an atmosphere whereby we may see His glory!  As it is written in Psalm 150, we are instructed to use varied instruments to praise God. To use percussion, stringed instruments, and various wind instruments, along with bongos, keyboards, drums, and our voices to helps us sing the majestic praises to God.

Mission:  Through praise and worship set the atmosphere for the Word of God.  To keep abreast with current church music and worship trends by continuing education and individual study.  Coordinate musical needs for weddings, funerals and other special events as requested by Calvary’s Rock churches.  Use music to reach out to God in worship and praise. Assist the worshipers in centering their thoughts upon God.  Help prepare the hearts of those not yet born again to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.