Calvary's Rock Church Relationship/Marriage Ministry

Vision:  Incorporate the Love of God in all relationships. Show each other affection and build each other up in Love and Respect. 

Teach husbands to love their wives like Christ loved the Church; Teach wives to be submissive to their own husband and allow their husbands to be the head of their home. 

Promote love, togetherness and unity so God will bless what He has ordained and He will enhance and restore all relationships.

Mission:  Discuss topics that relationships encounter on a daily basis, once a quarter.  By placing God first, you will be able to build, strengthen, and learn how to relate to one another from the Principles of the Word of God. 

Incorporate educational doctrine to promote healthy relationships.  Teach couples to cherish one another and rekindle intimacy by attending events such as date night, marriage retreats, and educational seminars, to enhance their relationship. 

Advance family relationships by embracing children in marriage and promoting a healthy environment of love, honor and respect. This ministry is vital in building successful lasting relationships and will influence marriages, children, families, and communities through the Anointing of God.